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Talking Shift: January 2024

Introducing evening sessions at the Twisted Barrel Brewery!

Happy new year to you all! We’re kicking off the year in style with not one, but two CVBeats sessions for the next couple of months! Lets get straight into it ay!

The Hot TLDR 🔥

  • Evening Sessions and Live Music at Twisted Barrel Brewery

  • Daytime Jam Sessions - Past and Upcoming

  • CVBeats Unveils Annual for 2023

  • New music for 2024

Introducing Evening Sessions and Live Music at Twisted Barrel Brewery

Blessed all, Mr. Shift here. With some news that’s set to transform your weekends in 2024. As many of you know, CVBeats, or The Coventry Beat Club, has become the heart of our city’s music scene, with creativity, collaboration, and beats!

Introducing evening sessions at the Twisted Barrel Brewery in Fargo Village!

We’re extending the session from the day into the night. Starting this Saturday (January 27th), after our regular sessions at the LTB Showrooms from 12 pm till 4 pm, we’ll then grab some snacks and continue at the Twisted Barrel Brewery from 7 pm till 11 pm.

  • 🍺 Cask beer £3/pint

  • 🍟 15% off your order when you buy any hot snacks

  • ✈️ 15% off tasting flights


This month’s line up

The line up for this month’s evening session will be:

Starting at 7pm; the musical vibes will pick up around 7:30 to 8pm. Looking forward to greeting new and old faces alike this Saturday. See you then!

CVBeats (Coventry Beat Club) January 27 – Day Session

This months session at the LTB Showrooms will be a pure jam session so don’t forget your hardware!

From 12.00 till 16.00, more details are available below!

CVBeats Unveils Annual for 2023

CVBeats 2023 Annual” is more than just a collection of tracks; it’s a curated journey through the diverse genres and innovative sounds that have emerged in 2023. Each piece embodies the unique artistic expression and the exploration of its creators, ranging from underground beats to soaring melodies.

Community spotlight

Only a few weeks ago, we experienced an unforgettable jam session after hours at the LTB Showrooms, with the moments captured by IAS.

Watch some of the higlights below!


As part of the CVBeats annual I released ‘Cheque please’ make sure you grab your copy of the CVBeats Annual now!

As a final note, there's a wave of new music coming soon – I'm talking around 20 songs/sketches, and January hasn't even bowed out yet! 😆 Get ready for it!

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